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Farm Talk: Benefits of Eating Fresh Local Produce

1. Local produce is fresher & more nutritious. The amount of time that passes from when produce is harvested to when it's consumed has a big impact on the nutritional value. Compared to grocery store produce which was most likely harvested weeks in advance, the organic fruits, veggies & herbs we pack into CSA shares is handpicked and delivered within only a few days, so our members are able enjoy more nutritious produce.

2. Local produce is tastier! Members from our previous CSA seasons will back us on this one. Since the produce doesn't have to travel hundreds of miles before it's on your dinner table, local fruits & veggies still have full, delicious flavor in addition to being more nutritious.

3. Supporting the community. By joining a CSA or shopping at your local farmers' market, you're supporting your local farmers and allowing us (and our fellow local farms) to continue to grow more fresh produce.

4. Know your farmer. You can trust your fruits & veggies were raised sustainably, knowing where your produce is raised, the farmers who are handling your food and the growing practices they follow.

5. Reduces your carbon footprint. As a CSA member who receives home delivery, you're cutting back on trips to and from the grocery store that would contribute to pollution. Eating local is better for you & the environment!

To sum it up: CSA members get to enjoy produce that is healthier & more flavorful while also supporting their local community & the environment.


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