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Farm Talk: CSA Week 14

The look and feel of fall is creeping in here with the new/returning crops emerging in the fields. Heading into September puts us at the middle of the CSA season, can you believe we're halfway through already?? Transitioning into a new season is always refreshing. One of the biggest perks of being a CSA member: eating with the seasons. We had our first potato harvest today! Irish or not ya gotta love potatoes. If you don't get any with next week's share don't fret, more to come.

There Will Be Greens. They're slowly but surely on the rise with kale (pic below!) and arugula making their big/small debut next week in the large share. There'll be plenty of kale to go around in about 2-3 weeks, red cabbage in a month or so and other greens as well. Lots to look forward to!

Fingerling potato harvest for CSA members
First potato harvest! Fingerling potatoes for your September CSA Shares

Kale crops and CSA farm crew at work
Farm crew prepping for fall crops. Check out the fresh green kale on the left!


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