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Farm Talk: CSA Week 16

It's looking greener and greener over here as we go deeper into September. Coming up for week 15: chards, kale, arugula, lettuce, radishes, gold beets and sweet potatoes! We just had our first sweet potato harvest and there's plenty to go around. One of the joys of eating with the seasons is the gratefulness you feel when a favorite veggie returns. While our sweet potatoes taste delicious roasted alone, try the sweet & buttery recipe we posted on our blog with your next CSA delivery. Customize your box by swapping or adding additional sweet potatoes (or whatever veggies you desire) and grab honey and sea salt from the online store.

Farm staff with fresh sweet potato harvest packing weekly produce boxes for CSA delivery
Cameron and a small portion of our abundant sweet potato harvest! Fresh taters included for all of our CSA members.


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