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Farm Talk: CSA Week 18

Happy fall! Can't believe we're already heading into October with only 10 weeks left of the CSA season. More fall veggies coming your way next week – sweet potatoes for all and plenty of greens. We have a handful of goodies available in the add-on store, including apples! Don't forget to customize your produce box online, and grab some apples to enjoy with your next CSA delivery.

Store Highlights for Week 18:

  • Honeycrisp apples

  • Gala apples

  • Pixie Crunch apples

  • Apple, peach, and pear butters

  • Apple sauce

  • + others!

The apples, as well as the other items in the add-on store, are all locally sourced. This way you're entire CSA box is as fresh as can be and all high quality. From the farm produce in the swap store to the locally sourced apples, cheeses, mushrooms and more in the add-on store, we've basically created an online farmer's market for all CSA members to enjoy.


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