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Farm Talk: CSA Week 19

Despite the hot weather so far this fall, the leafy greens are still thriving. It's a sea of green at the farm with some new and returning items coming up for week 19 of the CSA. New green alert: Tatsoi, AKA "mustard spoon" for its spoon-shaped leaves and mild mustard flavor (a bit like bok choy). We have a limited number of Tatsoi bunches so if you're looking to try a new green make sure you head to the online store first thing tomorrow morning to add it to your next CSA delivery before it's sold out! More spinach, green and red crisp lettuce, small green cabbage heads, watermelon radishes and winter squash to name a few others in next week's produce shares.

SECONDS - Sweet Potatoes now available, 1 credit for 1 lb. They taste just as good as our normal sweet potatoes, sorted for small sizes and blemishes. Cut away the blemishes and enjoy more of our sweet, sweet potatoes throughout the fall.

Organic bok choy crops for CSA delivery
Loving the deep purple leaves of our fresh bok choy.

Hope everyone's enjoying their fresh local veggies so far this fall!


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