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Farm Talk: CSA Week 21

We're heading into the final stretch of the CSA season with only 7 remaining weeks, but we still have plenty to look forward to. First off, we have fresh tomato purée (made from our heirloom & paste tomatoes) for all share sizes next week. Second, things are about to get pretty sweet with the first frost tonight (literally). The plants produce more sugar to protect from the frost which means all of the greens, carrots, beets and brassicas will become sweeter and even more delicious. This week's recipe is a comforting, root veggie soup – check it out on our blog & enjoy!

Fresh tomato sauced made for produce delivery to CSA members
Fresh tomato sauce included in all CSA shares! Made from our heirloom and paste tomatoes.

Organic carrot crops for produce delivery
Rainbow carrots keeping the farm and your produce boxes colorful!


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