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Farm Talk: CSA Week 5

It’s officially summer! In these newsletters we’re often talking about the weather because really, veggie farming isn’t just about growing produce, it’s equally about managing weather conditions. This week is no exception but instead of torrents of rain it’s blistering heat. The heat affects some produce more than others, like lettuce, which tends to go to seed and become bitter in high temperatures, but the main effect is on the crew. So this week we want to give a shoutout to all the hard work the crew has put into the harvest. It’s been near 100 degrees for several days and they’ve been absolutely crushing it. The good news is with summer upon us, we’re looking at a lot of awesome new stuff coming soon including carrots, garlic, and tomatoes! Peaches, onions, and watermelon aren’t too far off either and we can barely wait! As a side note, due to the heat we strongly recommend leaving a cooler out for your produce if you’ll be gone during the day.


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