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Farm Talk: Regenerative Farming

Our sustainable growing practices here at Flocktown Farm goes way beyond being certified organic. In order to grow high quality organic produce to provide to our CSA members, we do everything we can to get the soil healthy and enriched with minerals – a practice that's common among organic farmers and is known as regenerative farming (also known as regenerative agriculture or biological farming).

Why is regenerative farming important?

Cleaner soil, cleaner crops and cleaner air.

1. Mineral-rich soil. Soil that is healthy, biologically-diverse and mineralized grows produce that is also healthy and mineral-rich while simultaneously improving the soil and crops in the process.

2. Healthier & higher quality produce. Healthy soil that's full of minerals provides higher levels of nutrients to the crops. Producing high quality food is important not only to us farmers and our CSA members but to the plants as well.By growing in soil that is enriched with minerals and biologically active, the plants are able to produce more phytonutrients that protect them and makes the fruits, veggies and herbs included in our CSA boxes even healthier.

3. Good for the environment. The mineral-rich and biologically-diverse soil and crops yield high quality plants which producer cleaner air and feed nutrients back into the soil. It's a win-win-win!

Organic sugar snap pea picked for CSA boxes.
Ecologically grown, sustainably raised.


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