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Fully Loaded Fingerling Potatoes


1lb fingerling potatoes

2bunch basil

1/4c sunflower seeds

1T ginger vinegar

1/4c sunflower oil

2ea cayenne peppers

1T white miso

1/4c yogurt

Runnymede or similar pecorino cheese

Potatoes are a general crowd pleaser and I am no exception. I love a good potato and the potato harvest has been plentiful here at Flocktown. The fingerling is just a perfect little creamy bite of potato and for this recipe we are gonna dial up the loaded baked potato game a bit.

To start lets get the oven on at 350, get the potatoes washed and dried it do mine in the salad spinner. Put them in a bowl and toss with oil and salt and on a baking sheet and in the pre heated oven for about a half hour.

While we are waiting we are going to make a pesto type sauce, the reason I say type is because we are not going to put cheese in the pesto and no pine nuts…anyway lets get the sunflower seeds in the oven on a suitable pan. Roast for abut 6 min till golden brown. Pick down the basil now lets get all that into a food processor with the sunflower seeds the miso, vinegar and oil and season with salt and pepper and let it rip. Taste and adjust to your liking.

Now take the yogurt, I used Greek but any type will suffice mix it with a pinch of salt and set aside

Now check the potatoes around a half hour they should be al dente, you can check with a push they should have some give to them. Let cool for a minute and when still warm cut in half length wise and let steam out for a few minutes. Get a number 10 cast iron hot on medium heat and add oil when it is hot put the potatoes in cut side down. Now leave them be for about 6 min till golden brown and lower the heat to medium low and add a tbls of butter and allow to brown just a little. Remove the potatoes when sufficiently cooked should take about 8 min total for this portion of the cook.

To plate I put the yogurt down on the plate, then the potatoes now the pesto just dollop all over the potatoes you want them the be sufficiently covered! Then put on some cayenne slices and with a Y peeler shave the Runnymede over the top and eat! Also some bacon would turn these up but we were fresh out at the house!


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