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Misticanza Salad

For me this salad is the expression of Spring and Summer meeting so fresh and so clean! We have modified the recipe from the original Roman version to fit the ingredients that we have here and now so feel free to riff on it or find something that works better for you and what you have!


For the Salad

3ea leaves of Head lettuce

Small handful Arugula

2ea Radish with greens

2ea Turnip with greens

12ea Parsley leaves

12ea Mint leaves

2ea scallion

1Tbsp Everything Bagel spice (ours from Mighty Bread)

Royer Mountain from Clover creek (or other parm style cheese)

For the Dressing

1Tbsp Keepwell Apple cider vinegar (or whatever you have we just can’t live without this stuff)

1Tbsp Hemp oil from Susquehanna Mills (can sub any other oil)

1tsp Raw Honey

2 turns fresh cracked black pepper

1/4tsp kosher salt


Chef knife

Mandolin (Optional)

Y peeler or micro plane


Get started by cleaning all of your greens, radish, turnip, and herbs. I like to use a salad spinner to get everything dry as residual water will water your salad down and nobody wants that.

Next remove the greens from the radish and the turnip, set the greens aside.

Slice the radish and turnip 1/8in thick or mandolin if you have one available, set aside.

Slice scallion 1/8 thick and set aside.

In a mixing bowl add all ingredients for the dressing and whisk, taste and adjust as you see fit.

In a separate mixing bowl tare the Green leaf lettuce being gentle not to mash the greens too much, tare the radish greens and turnip greens to be more manageable and add arugula till you are content (the idea is that we have about an equal amount of each green but use your discretion) and add the herbs, incorporate everything and toss with as much dressing as you see fit, I use about half the amount to start and save the leftover for my lunch!

To plate the salad, I like to spread it evenly across the whole plate then add the sliced radishes and the turnips layered across the top (I do this because I do not think they mix well with the greens and they maintain their fresh and crisp flavor) then crush with everything spice and with the Y blade peeler grate the Royer mountain evenly covering the whole salad. Then eat or take a pic and share what you made with us!

Some of the items used will be available as add-on items starting next week such as the Clover Creek Royer Mountain cheese, the Susquehanna Mills Hemp seed oil, Keepwell Vinegar apple cider vinegar, and Mighty Breads Everything Bagel spice.


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