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Pickled Garlic Scapes

Preserving the seasons is one of my favorite things to do so in the winter months I can get a taste of spring, the problem with this one is you need to make them last! They are delicious used in a relish for hotdogs, sliced and put on pizza, thrown into a pesto, the liquid also makes a very nice salad dressing! Feel free to make this as big or as small as you want. If you have a scale that weighs in grams the recipe will be a little more accurate.

The basic pickle I use here is 1 part vinegar 2 parts filtered water and 5% of the weight of the water and vinegar is salt. To figure this out you take the 354g (H2O and vinegar) and multiply it by .05. It is a nice half sour style pickle it gets a little lactic but also has the nice vinegary punch.


1 bunch Garlic scapes (CSA share/store)

½ Cup of Vinegar 118g (I Used Keepwell’s ramp vinegar)

1 Cup filtered water 236G

1Tbsp kosher or sea salt 17g (not iodized salt)

1 pint size mason jar


Start by measuring out the water, vinegar and then salt, combine and dissolve salt

Lightly wash the scapes and stuff them into the jar and cover with the pickling liquid

Allow to sit for 4 days on the counter or in the pantry. Then they are ready to use and should be refrigerated. They will be good indefinitely.



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