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Radiatori Pasta with Sugar Snap Peas and Mushrooms

This light and bright Pasta dish is a perfect meal to end any long day and is quick, simple and Delicious! It can be made with any type of pasta but is really well suited to the Castle Valley Radiatori! Also, any veg in your CSA box will sub in place or a tablespoon of pesto added to the mix would be delicious. Get creative and make it your own and mostly have fun while you cook!


1lb Castle Valley Radiatori

1bu Scallion

½lb Cremini Mushrooms

½lb Sugar snap peas

1bu Picked Basil

2tbls Butter

2tbls White Rose Miso

1tbls Black garlic vinegar

½cup finely grated Royer mountain cheese


I start by putting on a 12 qt pot of water salt it to taste, this is preference, I go for slightly less salty than the ocean.

Next wash the Cremini mushrooms by quickly dunking them in a bowl of cool water and setting them on a plate with a paper towel. Cut the mushrooms in quarters and set aside.

Next put a large skillet on medium heat

Slice the scallions from the white till you get to the section of the scallion that is dark green. Set aside white and light green parts. Now slice the dark green section of the scallion ¼” and reserve.

At this point the water should be at a boil, add pasta and set a timer for 12 min, stir often. Reserve ¼ cup pasta water before draining. Now it is crunch time, we want to complete the sauté in the time it takes to boil the pasta!

When the pan is hot add 1tbls Cooking oil (we go for Susquehanna Mills) When you see a wisp of smoke come off add the mushrooms to the pan cook about 5 min stirring occasionally.

In the mean time we will clean the sugar snap peas by removing the fibrous string then cut them on a bias in ½” sections.

At the 5 min mark on the mushrooms add the sliced scallion white, turn to medium low heat and allow to saute for 4 more min, then add the snap peas and finish quickly to keep them crisp and just take off the rawness off slightly.

Drain the pasta, and allow it to stay in the strainer put the pot back on the stove on low heat, add the reserved pasta water, vinegar, miso, and butter whisk to emulsify. Add the mushroom scallion mixture, add the Royer mountain cheese, stir to incorporate. Add the pasta and raw scallion greens stir one last time and plate, tare basil on top, grate the Royer mountain till your heart is content and Enjoy!


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I tried this yesterday because I received my fresh produce delivery from and my kids loved it.

Me gusta
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