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Roasted Turnips with Caper Raisin Vinaigrette


2ea large turnips

- cut into wedges

2tbls capers

2tbls raisins

1tbls Dijon

2tbls olive oil

3tbls merlot vinegar

2pinch Aleppo chili

1 handful parsley

Roasted turnips can be tasty with just salt and pepper, but you can make them a little more exciting with this caper vinaigrette. It works on pretty much any vegetable or meat for that matter.


To start we are going to rehydrate the raisins. To do this we are going to add them to the vinegar in a small saucepan on low heat for a few minutes.

Grab your food processor and add the capers, parsley, Dijon, olive oil, Aleppo, merlot vinegar and raisins to the bowl and buzz till chopped and combined. Should be a little chunky but not large leaves of parsley.

Next put a pan on medium heat. Let the pan heat up then add a bit of neutral oil such as sunflower or canola. When a wasp of smoke comes off, add the sliced turnips and 2 pinches of salt and seer on both sides till golden brown (about 4min per side). Once they're done, put the golden brown turnips in a small mixing bowl and toss in caper vinaigrette. Lastly, plate with a pinch of chopped parsley and a squeeze of lime.


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