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Romesco Sauce


3ea Italian Green Peppers

3ea Poblano

1ea Jalapeno (optional)

2ea Cloves unpeeled garlic

1ea Heirloom tomato

1/4c Roasted Almonds

3tbls Good oil (I use Susquehanna Sunflower seed oil)

1tbls Keepwell Black Garlic vinegar

Romesco is a Spanish sauce that is usually served with fish. For this mash up we are using green frying peppers, poblano, and jalapeno to spice it up! This stuff is a great condiment for anything from Steak, grilled veggies, scrambled eggs, or as a dip. You can make a big batch and have it around for a week or so, just cap it with at little oil before storing in the fridge.

To start you need to fire up the Grill! I use charcoal but a gas grill works perfect! Alternatively, you can use the oven or cooktop as well.

Put all the veg in mixing bowl and add half a tbls of oil and toss to coat all veg evenly. Once the grill is warmed up get everything on over medium high heat. After about 4 minuets turn the peppers and tomato, you should have a nice char on the skin of the pepper. Cook on remaining sides till evenly charred all the way around about 8 min. once peppers are done remove to a plate and cover for a few minutes to steam through. This helps the skin release easier as well. Now move the garlic from high heat to low heat area of the grill.

Peel all the peppers of the charred skin, remove all seeds and chop into ½” pieces. Now run to get the garlic off the grill! It’s still good I promise…peel the garlic and mash. Remove the skin of the tomato and any hard core.

Get out a food processer add the almonds and garlic. Pulse to chunky texture add half of the peppers and tomato and let it rip for about 30 sec. Now add remaining peppers, 2 pinch salt, vinegar and remaining oil, pulse to combine and taste and adjust seasoning to your liking. Now slap a pork chop on the grill or just eat with fresh veggies from the farm, in my case yellow string beans!


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