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Summertime Veggie Rice Bowls

This dish is the perfect nourishment after a long day and is a relatively quick meal being ready in 30 min or so. Feel free to change out the veg or add protein, soft cooked egg some kimchi, the possibilities are endless. The toppings should be different to give some variety as you eat, think vegetable Chirashi bowl! Also pro tip is to cook a large batch of rice at the beginning of the week and have a little meal prep to cut down on time at the end of the day!

(Serves 2)


For the rice

1ea Rice cooker

1cup Brown rice

2cup H2O (only for rice cooker)

2pinch Salt

For the Broccoli and Turnips

4ea Turnips

1ea Broccoli head

1tbls Hemp Seed

2tbls Hemp Oil

2 pinch Salt

½ Lime

1tbls Capers chopped

12ea basil leaves or whatever

For the Bok choy

½ea Bok choy cut lengthwise in half

1ea Garlic scapes sliced 1/8”

2tbls Worcestershire

2tbls Sunflower oil

½ Bunch cilantro chopped rough stem and all

For the Avocado

1ea Avocado

1pinch Salt

1tbls Ginger vinegar

2ea Turns black pepper

2oz Cherry Grove Rare Bird washed rind cheese cut ¼” thick and crumbled


To Start get the rice on, if you have a rice cooker set it and forget it! If not don’t fret, bring a large pot of water to a boil add rice and simmer on medium low for 30 min strain return to pot and lid for ten minutes or until ready to serve. The idea is that you are cooking the rice like pasta 95% of the way then allowing it to steam out on its own the last 10 minutes.

Take the Broccoli apart, I like large florets and I like to cut them in half to give a flat side set aside. For the Turnips cut in quarters lengthwise and cut the greens 1 inch across, set aside. Take your half head of Bok Choy cut in half again, cut the greens 1 inch across, cut the white heart half inch across set aside, roughly chop the half bunch of cilantro.

Now heat up a large cast iron on medium low heat, I use a no 10 lodge or equivalent 12 inch pan so you do not crowd your veg in the pan.

While waiting tackle the avocado, cut in half scoop out the meat and mash in a bowl add salt, ginger vinegar, and pepper and give a good whip.

Now that your pan is hot turn your heat to medium heat add 1tbls hemp oil, wait for a wisp of smoke to come off the pan then add broccoli on cut side, add 2 pinch of salt and don’t move for 4min checking for color half way through. Once nice and golden brown flip onto other side cook for 3 additional min. remove to a mixing bowl. Put the pan back on the heat and add 1tbls of Sunflower oil again wait for wisp of smoke add sliced scapes and sauté for 2 min add the Bok Choy and cook undisturbed for 3 min to get color, stir and redistribute, allow to cook for 2 more min remove to a separate mixing bowl and season with Worcestershire, Sunflower oil, and cilantro mix to incorporate. Season the broccoli with the Hemp oil Hemp seeds, squeeze the lime on and add capers, mix to incorporate.

To plate put down brown rice, top with all ingredients creating different sections to get that variety that we were talking about, crumble cheese on however you see fit! Now enjoy!

Please share what you created and make this how ever you like with whatever you want!


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