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Tomato Garden Salad

Tomato Garden Salad with all ingredients farm fresh & local.
Fresh Tomato Garden Salad

1pt Cherry Tomatoes

1ea Cucumber

12ea Pitted sweet Cherries

1ea Peach

1ea Jalapeno

1tbls Keepwell Black Garlic Vinegar


Clover Creek Royer Mountain Cheese

Flaky Sea salt

Black pepper

Olive Oil or some other tasty oil (I like the hemp oil from Susquehanna Mills)

This salad is everything summer, it is refreshing sweet and a little spicy!

Start by cutting your Cherry tomatoes in half. Slice the cucumber down the middle lengthwise then slice it on a bias 1/8th inch thick.

I just cut my cherries in half and pulled the pits out. You can sub out grapes, currants, goose berries, or ground cherries. They will all be good here!

Slice your peach down the middle the way you would an avocado and remove the pit. Now slice them 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick.

Now grab your cheese, you can crumble this if you like but I like to use a peeler to pull off thin pieces. Do as much as you like!

Pick your basil. this is another thing that I will leave to discretion, I like a lot of herbs but do as much as you like and feel free to mix it up, I threw some marigolds from the garden in as well!

Now lastly seed out a jalapeno or other spicy pepper and slice it as thin as you can.

Now lets get everything in a mixing bowl reserve a small amount of picked herbs and leave out the peppers. Season with sea salt, vinegar and oil, toss, plate and finish with flaky sea salt, peppers using discretion the Royer mountain cheese and lastly the herbs! Now dig in and enjoy!

All items in this recipe are available fresh from the farm & in our add-on store for you to include with your next CSA share.


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