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Tonnato and Charred Broccoli


1ea Head Broccoli

1ea Ortiz bonito del norte

or comparable tuna

¼cup Dukes Mayo or your fav. mayo

1Tbls Black garlic Vin

1tsp Capers

1T Toasted hemp seeds or

can use anything crunchy here

1pinch Aleppo or suitable chili flake

1squeeze Lemon

Ok so Tonnato is a classic Italian sauce and is traditionally served with Veal and called Vitello Tonnato. It is an old school Italian dish and is delicious, but I personally feel that the sauce lends itself to vegetables a little better than it does to beef so for this we are going to char a little broccoli! You can put this sauce with any vegetables raw or otherwise and it is going to be delicious. Typically, Tonnato is made with raw egg yolks but we are going to skip that part and just go for mayo…you probably already have it in the fridge and it is going to make this recipe so easy!

Start by cleaning up the broccoli and removing the florets from the stalk. Now get a pan on low heat to pre heat and get out your blender.

Add the can of tuna, capers, and black garlic vin to the cup of your blender and let it rip…I know you are blending up expensive tuna seems weird but going to be good! Now add the mayo and scrape down the sides of the cup and run till smooth but not to long as you do not want to heat up the mixture. That’s it for the sauce taste and adjust salt and pepper to your taste.

With your pan medium heat add the broccoli and don’t disturb for 4min then give it a stir and leave for another 3 min when charred to your satisfaction remove to a mixing bowl and season with a squeeze of lemon, pinch of salt and Aleppo taste and adjust seasoning to taste.

Now you can do what you want to plate I personally plated it nicely but you can put it in a bowl and just dip away! That’s it enjoy!


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