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COVID-19 Farm Update

In light of recent developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to update you about your farm.

We are happy to report that Flocktown Farm is open for business and has seen a huge increase in memberships. It’s important to note that Flocktown Farm has been designated an “Essential Service” by the state of New Jersey and we will continue to serve our community throughout this crisis. With our well established home delivery option and single-source produce, we are equipped to provide food supplies to NY and NJ residents as they shelter in place. Very importantly, we are working to expand our offering of grocery items including products in short supply to help our community deal with shortages. While our first deliveries are still nearly 2 months away, and we hope this crisis will have largely passed by then, we are adapting to changing conditions to support our members in every way possible.

We have updated our published food safety and employee policies to further secure your food supply. Our current health and safety procedures are as follows:

  • All facilities including fields, greenhouses, offices, barns, and coolers are now restricted to Flocktown staff only.

  • All staff members are required to wear nitrile gloves during harvest, packing, and washing operations.

  • During packing and washing operations, all staff are required to wear surgical-grade face masks and hair nets.

  • All returned delivery boxes will be sanitized and moved to a 2-week rotation. This means that returned boxes will be quarantined and warehoused for two weeks before repacking, breaking the lifecycle of the coronavirus pathogen.

  • Any staff member exhibiting symptoms of illness, or who has come in contact with confirmed cases, shall immediately be excused from work with full benefits and paid sick leave.

  • In a welcome development, all of our staff are now covered by employer based health insurance plans and will have access to Coronavirus testing and the full range of medical services.

Since our founding nearly a decade ago, Flocktown Farm has had strict food safety policies in place. These include weekly sanitization schedules, regular water quality testing, and the required use of hand washing stations. All of these procedures have consistently exceeded the requirements established by the FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act), and are verified by regular food safety audits.

During public health emergencies, it is important to know that Flocktown Farm has always been a membership organization that is not open to the public. We do not operate an onsite farm stand and do not allow pick-your-own activities. We do not attend offsite farmers markets or have wholesale produce operations. All of our produce is grown exclusively for our members, which restricts the contact our staff can have with the general public. Also, much of our farm crew lives on site, further reducing external contact. All this combines to promote a very clean, hygienic, and open-air environment.

Our supply of fruits and veggies is limited only by the seasons, so no matter what’s happening in the world or our economy, our prices are stable and our food and groceries are abundant. That means you, our members, can reduce your travels and let us come to you.

As farmers, we are familiar with sudden and dangerous environmental changes such as storms, drought, and blight. So as the COVID-19 pandemic affects our community, we are ready to supply our members without disruption and adapt to changing conditions as they arise. Please reach out to us anytime if you need assistance.



Noah Thomases

Head Farmer

(908) 627-40


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