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Our History

Flocktown Farm began as a backyard garden in 2012. Back then it was called Gristmill Grange, named after Gristmill Road, an old lane leading to Noah's parents house where Noah and some friends first started growing produce.

As kids, hiking, climbing, and biking the local hills, rocks, and fields of northern New Jersey, they developed a deep connection with the natural environment of the garden state and returned after college to become stewards and advocates for the open space they love. 

In 2013, they found the perfect place to expand the backyard garden into a full fledged farm; a secluded 10 acre field with soft, fertile soil on Flocktown Road in Long Valley, NJ. Like the original, the name was chosen to honor the place they called home. 

While Flocktown Farm has since expanded to over 100 acres on a new road, the path remains the same and so Flocktown Farm continues to grow and thrive in our new home in Pittstown, NJ.

Our Mission

Based in Pittstown, NJ Flocktown Farm provides ecologically and sustainably grown produce to North and Central NJ. We are dedicated to Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and employ strict ecological management practices alongside innovative sustainable design to grow healthy, high quality food for our community.

Noah Thomases


Head Farmer

Noah grew up in Randolph, NJ, and first started farming in 2009, working on farms in NJ, CT, and VT before starting Flocktown. Noah went to school for philosophy and likes to rock climb in his spare time.

Cameron White


Farm Manager

Cam grew up in Spicewood, TX and started farming in 2011, working on farms in North Carolina and the Adirondacks before coming to Flocktown. Cam studied sustainable agriculture in college and loves traveling, live music, and good friends.



Harvest Manager

Christine grew up in Sussex County, NJ and started farming in 2016, working on farms in New Jersey and Florida before joining Flocktown. Christine also raises pigs and veggies at home and loves cooking, bonfires, skiing, and farm dogs.



Operations Manager

Will grew up in Bethlehem, PA. Trained as a professional chef, Will worked at renowned restaurants in Philadelphia and Nashville before joining Flocktown. Will loves good food and being outside. When not on the farm, Will is in the woods or on a mountain.



Wash Barn Manager

Mike grew up in Philadelphia. Trained as a professional chef, Mike worked at renowned restaurants including Blue Hill in NYC. Mike loves the outdoors and is obsessed with good food and an organized cooler.

Rachel Kelly


CSA Manager

Originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia, Rachel joined Flocktown in 2019 with a background in digital marketing. When she's not on the phone, Rachel likes to travel and explore nature.

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