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Farm Talk: CSA Updates & Upgrades

As we prep for the upcoming CSA season, and we continue to see so much growth and support from new & returning members, we wanted to share with everyone some exciting projects in the works at the farm right now. Upgrading left and right!

New greenhouses! (in a box or two)

First off, we're getting ready to build two greenhouses!! It feels really good to be bringing our greenhouses back to the farm (we'd been using a neighbor's greenhouse in the last few years which worked just fine but doesn't compare to having the greenhouses right here on our farm).

Second, we're also super happy about the new washhouse we're in the process of building which will be a big upgrade for the crew in addition to the new equipment we're buying.

And lastly, for members who pick up at the farm... you'll be happy to hear that we're regrading the driveway and putting milling down! It'll be a much, much smoother ride in :). 2020 is off to a great start!

CSA sign-ups are going great! If you haven't signed up yet make sure you do before we sell out! Sign up here.


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