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Farm Talk: CSA Week 8

Sweet corn is finally here and we are beyond excited. For those of you who haven't had our corn before, eat it raw for the full experience of its sweet, delicious flavor. Organic sweet corn is extremely hard to grow, one of the hardest crops. Because it's grown organically we like to say that we guarantee a worm in every ear. The corn ear worm is an endemic pest that burrows into the silk at the tip of each ear, and essentially functions as the official seal of organic corn. Apparently, if corn ripens early enough it can miss the first generation of bugs, but I've never seen it happen. We cut the tops off of the corn where the worms burrow, so you shouldn't find any if your share but we wanted to you a heads up. Luckily they can be easily removed and the unbelievable flavor of fresh, organically grown sweet corn is absolutely worth it.


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